Alex Jenkins Trio - "Tri-Cycle" now available on all steaming platforms and wherever you buy music

Alex Jenkins Trio - Levi Saelua - Sax and Clarinet / Alex Jenkins - Drums / Alex Reiff - Bass


2023 Performance 

1/30 @ Luna's Cafe, Sacramento with the Alex Jenkins Trio, 7:30pm, $10/all ages

(Ross Hammond Opening, first set)

2/18 @ Twin Lotus Thai, Sacramento, with the Alex Jenkins Quartet, 5pm and 7pm seating.

Special John Coltrane Tribute Concert, Reservations Required and can be made here:



3/10 @ Morgan's Mill, Woodland with the Alex Jenkins Trio 7pm, free/all age

     4/6 @ American River College with the Alex Jenkins Trio

Clinic and performance, open to the public. 3pm

9/16 @ Crilly's Secret Garden, Davis Ca (more details to come). 


2022 Performance 

4/28 @ The Torch Club (Sacramento) 9pm-12am, Alex Jenkins Quartet, $10

4/29 @ KDRT interview on 95.7 FM Radio, 4pm

5/2 @ Luna's Cafe (Sacramento) with Alex Jenkins Trio.  8pm $10 (all ages)

5/6 @ Drakes (West Sacramento) 6-9pm, Alex Jenkins Trio (all ages)

5/21 @ Shady Lady (Sacramento) 9pm, Alex Jenkins Trio

7/8 @ Morgan's Mill (Woodland) 7pm-9pm, Alex Jenkins Trio (all ages)

8/13 @ Be Bubbly (Napa, CA) 8-11pm.  with The Alex Jenkins Trio

9/12 @ Luna's Cafe with the Alex Jenkins Quartet.  7:30pm.  $10/all ages. (vax card required to attend)

9/17 @ Twin Lotas Thai (Sacramento, CA) with The Alex Jenkins Trio, 5pm-8pm

Reservation Recommended.  https://www.twinlotusthai.com

10/15 @ Crilly's Secret Garden with The Alex Jenkins Trio. 2-4pm

This is an outdoor concert that will be held in Davis, CA at a private residence.  All are invited to enjoy Jazz in Crilly's beautiful backyard.  In order to get the address please Venmo me $15 to @Alex-Jenkins-37 and I will send you the address.  These concerts are always fun and Crilly backyard is a lovely space to hear music.  

10/20 @ Natomas Charter School (Sacramento) with The Alex Jenkins Trio.  7:30pm